DeWatering Screen

  • DeWatering Screen
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    DeWatering Screen

    The DUROMECH Dewatering Screen is designed to replace or enhance sand screws and deliver a dryer, cleaner fine aggregate product.They are designed to produce a consistent drip-free product, which is typically 10 percent drier than a Fine Material Screw Washer. Traditional methods of dewatering sand can produce material that has moisture levels as high as 22%. The DUROMECH dewatering screen can produce products with average moisture content of only 12 to 14% depending on particle size and tonnage, with some plants delivering material with rates as low as 7%. Materials such as sand, gravel, crushed aggregates, frac sand, industrial sands, mineral sands, hard rock, precious metals, coal, iron ore, salt and other granular materials can be processed through a Dewatering Screen.

    Salient Features :-

    1.Variety of screen sizes

    2.Custom sizes to fit your plant

    3.Low moisture content

    4.Highest quality vibrating electric motors

    5.Superior design to sub-decks to support urethane screens

    6.Rinse and dewater on the same screen

    7.Dewater multiple products on one machine using divided deck design

    8.Better stockpile management with shorter inventory cycle and less water around stockpiles

    Concern Person Details :

    Mr. C.K. Chaudhary

    Manager (Sales & Marketing)


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