1000 TPD Rotor Screen

  • 1000 TPD Rotor Screen
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    1000 TPD Rotor Screen

    DUROMECH Introduces 1000 TPD PATENTED ROTOR SCREEN, which provides the best screening solutions via sequence of alloy steel flat disc shaft screening technology. ROTOR SCREEN involves the isolation of the machine shafts from the material flow in coordination with the liberation of the material through the disk.

    This concept will not only benefit the overall growth of the waste management sector but will also provide a huge cost & management advantage to the customers. The disks & robust construction of the ROTOR SCREEN provide superior wear characteristics and reliability, which provides best recycling and segregation for applications like:

    Municipal Solid Waste (M.S.W.)

    Refuse Derived Fuel (R.D.F.)

    • Composting & Legacy Waste

    • Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste

    • Solid & Land Reclamation

    • Landfill Or Dump Yard Reclamation

    • Shredded & Crushed Resides Waste

    • Plastic & P.e.t. Bottles, etc.

    Salient Features :-

    • Screen Capacity -1000 TPD

    • Anti-Enfold & Anti-Blocking System

    • Different Screening Speed

    • Different Range of Screening Size

    • Extreme-Efficiency & Productivity

    • Extremely Effective,Durable & Easy To Use

    • High Capacity With Small Footprint

    • Small & Compact Design

    • Flexibility For Different Material Streams

    • Low Optional maintenance Costs

    • Less power Consumption

    • Inbuilt Weighing System

    Concern Person Details :

    Mr. C.K. Chaudhary

    Manager (Sales & Marketing)

    E-mail- Duromech@gmail.com

    Download PDF:- 100tpdrotoscreen

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